How do I add/remove a recommendation for a provider?

To recommend your provider begin by clicking on the 'Provider Directory' at the top of the page. If you have a small screen you will have to click on the three horizontal lines to make this visible.

Search the provider directory to find a provider near you. If your provider is not listed click the 'add provider' button. You can find instructions for adding or editing a provider here.

Select the provider you would like to recommend from the results list by clicking on their name. You will then have three choices: 

To recommend a provider click on the button that says 'recommend'. Complete the form and then click on the 'post recommendation' button. 

To remove a recommendation click on 'Recommendations' (see image above). You will see a list of providers who you have recommended. To the right of each of your recommendations is a small circle button with a white 'V'. Click on this to edit or remove your recommendation.


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