How do I add someone to my team?

To add someone to your team you can click on the small blue button with a white 'V' to the right of any post, then select 'add to team'. 

You can also click on the name or photo of the member you would like to add. This will bring you to their page where you can use the 'add to team' button on their profile picture.


When you add a someone to your team, they will display alphabetically on your team page. You will see three tabs here. One displays people on your team, one that displays who has added you to their team, and one that takes you to the providers you have added to your team. 

If you want to add a provider to your team, you can visit the find providers tab and search for someone to add.

So, now that you have people on your team, you’ll want to follow their updates! To do this, you can visit the activity feed and filter by All Activity or My Team Activity. This is located just above the most recent update.




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